Sunday, December 05, 2010

Dismounted Mission

Your correspondent visited Khogyani, a kind of out-of-the-way district in Nangarhar Province, and it was a definite highlight of the whirlwind N2KL journey. First of all, it was definitely different to be in the middle of nowhere on a relatively small (but much bigger than it was just a few months ago) installation. And the view of the mountains of Tora Bora was nice. But the real peak was going on a "dismount mission," which in the military's typically complex way of saying things, means: We walked instead of driving to the district governor's office. It was only a 20-minute walk, but that's more walking than I do most months around here. Above, about twenty of my closest friends setting out from the base for the leisurely stroll.


Anonymous said...

Say, I notice all the military guys are outfitted with helmets and thick flak jackets or vests. Were you provided with similar, or were you just light-heartedly enjoying the walk with the breeze in your hair??

Ant Pat

Matt said...

Yes, we also get helmets and body armor. Maybe not quite as nice as the military model. Hopefully I never have to test whether it's equally effective.