Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Now Taking Applications for Greeters

Each of the bases out here has a few stores run by the local Afghans. The stores come in two varieties: The first sells a limited array of supposedly Afghan souvenirs, like clunky marble tea sets or wooden trays or carpets. The second sells stuff you might actually want if you were stuck out on a base in the middle of the desert - batteries, small electronics, pirated DVDs galore. This "Wal Mart," being a super-store, may have offered some of both.


Dan said...

Hmm. Looks like that outlet hasn't gotten the memo about the new signage from Corporate yet.

Besides, everyone knows that for the best deals you should be shopping at Samir's Club.

David said...

Hey Stokes,

Nice work on that blog! I bet you can get some cheap 'Hawk Love' CU Shirts at that store!

Dave Mac

Anonymous said...

You really should add a picture of the nearby "Titanic" Hair Salon (if memory serves me correctly) with the accompanying image of Leonardo Dicaprio.