Monday, August 02, 2010

Old School Diet Coke

There are abundant free sodas here in the cafeteria (known by the somehow more martial term "D-FAC" for "Dining Facility"). I've probably had more diet soda in the last month in Afghanistan than in the previous five years. Maybe that's because there's no beer to be had. Or maybe it's the nostalgic cool of all the soda bottled in Afghanistan being pull-tabs rather than pop-tops or whatever you call the opening mechanism on every canned beverage sold in the U.S. in the last twenty years.


hannah said...

Interesting, you've definitely got the Gulf cans - pull-tabs and Arabic labels. After I came back from Riyadh I literally had to have someone reteach me how to open a pop-top!

Matt said...

Yeah, they ship in all the water, soda, etc. from Dubai.

APostcardFrom said...

Liar - there's totally Beck's at the DFAC. Oh, were you not referring to non-alcoholic beer as well?