Thursday, November 19, 2009

Staro Riga

A relatively new annual event in the days leading up to Latvian Proclamation Day is the Staro Riga (Shine, Riga!) light festival. For a few days, art installations are placed all around the city center, all of them using light in some way and intended to be seen at night. Some of them are random and interesting and border on something you could see in an art museum. I think the shirts above were in the former category.

These lamps were also neat, although not really site-specific in any apparent way, other than being big enough they needed to be outside. There were some other good ones that were a little tough to photograph.

Several pieces involved projections on the sides of buildings, some interesting and some a little cheesy like this one projecting eyes on the side of the powder tower. But through the barren tree branches, I guess they do look a little sinister. I hate to say that a lot of the art got worse from there, so I'll just stop.

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