Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Labvakar no Latvijas!

Good evening from Latvia! We apologize for not having a clever new name for the publication (yet), but we decided not to let that delay our reports from Riga. This is one of the central squares in Riga, facing the "House of the Black-Heads" on the right, with St. Peter's Church spire to the left. (We have it on good authority that the "Black-Heads" were not so named for any particular problems with acne.) This picture was taken at about 9:30 PM. Sunset is technically 10:18, but it doesn't really get dark until after 11:00. And the sunrise is technically at 4:37 AM, but your correspondent can personally confirm that it was light enough to wake him up at no later than 4:15 on his first morning here. We promise to not report on this fairly mundane topic too frequently, but it does mess with one's head.

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Cilicious said...

I appreciate the fact that daylight messes with your head, and look forward to further reports, with or without a new title. Riga looks quite lovely.