Thursday, December 06, 2007

Of New York City, Part the Second

So we went to Coney Island. It's a lot like a lot of other boardwalk-attraction east-coach beach places. Except, it's Coney Island, and two-and-a-half centuries of New-York-centric American writers and filmmakers have ingrained it's name in our collective mind. Well, at least the ones who wrote or film-made after Coney Island was built.

So they have this thing, pictured above, that I think I saw referred to as the "Parachute Drop" but I still don't get what that means.

More in your correspondent's realm of understanding was the Wonder Wheel, which is fun and pregnant-lady calm, and the Cyclone, which we rode but declined to ride twice. It is not good for the spinal column, which I guess is half the fun. Your correspondent also stood in line for half an hour to eat a Nathan's Hot Dog. Yes, your correspondent is retarded.

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