Wednesday, May 16, 2007


A few years ago, they came out with one of those studies that they do apparently for the sole purpose of landing a crazy story in the newspaper. Scientists discovered that people's self-assessment of how good they are at a given task is inversely related to how good they are at the task. I.e., enthusiastic amateurs who know just enough to be dangerous think they are pretty darn good at stuff; whereas near-masters have a deep understanding of just how far they are from true mastery. I loved that study.

From a world of less rigorously tested yet more certain knowledge, it's easy to get bored looking at other people's vacation photos.

Flying in the face of these two important lessons: I think I take more interesting vacation pictures than a lot of people. And Flickr just released a significantly improved version of their slideshow viewer. So if you've got 30 seconds to kill please breeze throught 18 pictures from Mexico.

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