Thursday, December 07, 2006

King of All Media

It was a little while in coming, but the media titans of Guatemala finally realized that my dashing good looks were being wasted on radio interviews. So I finally got my big break, interviewed for a television piece about how if you want a visa to go see Tia Marta in California for Christmas, you need to schedule an appointment now. (Or more accurately, two weeks ago.) It was short and to the point, and I managed to not sound like any more of an idiot in Spanish than I probably would have in English. I don't know what happened to my collar, it was straight when I looked in the mirror and checked my teeth for spinach just before the interview.

The night they said they were going to air the interview, they didn't, and I was a bit worried that they realized how boring talking about visas is. But they claimed that they wanted to maximize the audience for it so they showed it morning, noon and evening newscasts over the last day. Somehow, they managed to squeeze in three minutes of me into the other 57 minutes where they exclusively discuss murders, disappearances, grisly fires at illegal child-labor fireworks factories, and sports.


Anonymous said...

You do cut quite the dashing figure.

Today, Guatemalan TV news, tomorrow the world, right?

EEK! said...

There's 5 of your 15 minutes. Use the remainder wisely. I suggest streaking the World Cup?

Anonymous said...

Hulkster stole my adjective; upon seeing the photo,"dashing" was my immediate reaction. Oh, wait.
You used "dashing" yourself.
Regardless, your debonair, stylish appearance must have been a welcome relief from the murders, etc.