Friday, November 11, 2005

Sound advice, indeed.

Heard this advice on the radio today while dropping KO off at work, since her Guatemalan employer has the audacity to make her work on Veteran's Day:

"A soccer game is 90 minutes. Even the best soccer games, the ones that will be remembered as classics, are 90 minutes. Once those 90 minutes are over, the game is finished. Beating up the fans of the other team doesn't change what happened in that 90 minutes. It doesn't give your team any more time to change the result."

The commentator stopped short of coming right out and stating that it was actually a bad idea to beat up the opposing team's fans. Then they went to a commercial, and when they came back they were playing music. No idea if there was some sort of soccer riot that precipitated this commentary, or if it was just general advice.


EEK! said...

When do we get the K-Blog?

Matt said...

The KO-Blog contains such mind-blowing revelations that we've been required to keep it hidden due to liability concerns.

EEK! said...

But if, after reading, we're all left drooling and catatonic from the pleasure, who will be left to file suit?

Even the lawyahs will read... and DIE.

MLE said...

How come we have to have a blogger blog in order to comment? Because I had to make one so I could comment.